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What is EventSauce?

EventSauce is a no-nonsense event sourcing library for PHP with a focus on developer experience and productivity. This library was developed with the idea that you should be able to add event sourced parts to your application with ease. No application-wide rewrites and no big investments upfront.

You’re in Control

Event sourcing is a tool to build a domain model. You own the model, therefore you should own your tooling. EventSauce is as much an implementation reference, as it is a library. You can use it in your application, but you can also copy it and take full control.

Extensible by Design

The core is built around a set of (tiny) interfaces, which gives you the freedom to choose the tools that meet your requirements. Implement them however you see fit. Use them, don’t use them. It’s your choice!

Pragmatic by Nature

Many parts of the library are extremely pragmatic in nature. You’re encouraged to take control over it. It allows everything from custom storage adapter to highly customizable message dispatching setups.

EventSauce puts the focus on event sourcing, not on things that happen around event sourcing. It does not require you to follow CQRS patterns (although you can). It does not require you to use a command-, event-, or query-bus. By doing so, it allows developers to use event sourcing for parts of their application more easily.

A paradigm shift.

Solving problems using event sourcing requires a very different mindset when compared to common object-oriented software modeling in PHP. It’s less focused about state and more about processes, transitions, and communication in general. Event sourcing is also not simple. It’s built on a body of knowledge that is inherently complex. There are many concepts that come into play that build off one another.

However, event sourcing also provides an easier way to model a variety of issues. It’s a remedy against storing “work in progress” entities. It’s a better fit when modeling anything where the transition is just as important as the end result.

Frank de Jonge

EventSauce is a project by Frank de Jonge.