Event Dispatcher

Published at 09 December 2019

Adopting event sourcing is not always done by using it for new functionality. In fact, you probably started out building an MVP in a CRUD-like way and now you like to use event sourcing.

In these cases you’ll need to be able to switch over gradually. To help with this change, there’s an EventDispatcher. The event dispatcher allows you to emit events easily, from anywhere. This will allow you to emit events from your current implementation, and switch to event sourcing when you’ve introduced all necessary events.

The default implementation of the EventDispatcher interface is the MessageDispatchingEventDispatcher. As the name suggests, this dispatcher allows you to dispatch events. These events are wrapped in a message, decorated, and dispatched to a MessageDispatcher of your choice.

Example Usage:


use EventSauce\EventSourcing\Header;
use EventSauce\EventSourcing\MessageDispatchingEventDispatcher;

$eventDispatcher = new MessageDispatchingEventDispatcher(
    /* optional */ $yourMessageDecorator

    new SomethingImportantHappened(),
    new SomeOtherThingHappened(),

    [Header::AGGREGATE_ROOT_ID => $aggregateRootId->toString()],
    new SomethingImportantHappened(),
    new SomeOtherThingHappened(),
Frank de Jonge

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