Setup Consumers

In order to process events you need to wire up your consumers to your dispatchers. EventSauce ships with a SynchronousMessageDispatcher which is used for testing, but you can also use it as a regular dispatcher. It’s recommended to use a queueing/async dispatcher for better system resiliency, reliability and general fault-tolerance. However, you’re not blocked from modeling simply because you’re lacking that infrastructure.

Synchronous Message Dispatcher


use EventSauce\EventSourcing\EventSourcedAggregateRootRepository;
use EventSauce\EventSourcing\SynchronousMessageDispatcher;

$messageDispatcher = new SynchronousMessageDispatcher(
    new ProjectorOne(),
    new ProjectorTwo(),
    new ProcessManager()

$aggregateRootRepository = new EventSourcedAggregateRootRepository(
Frank de Jonge

EventSauce is a project by Frank de Jonge.