About Message Storage

Message Storage in event sourcing consists of a couple of components. Messages contain the events that an aggregate root needs to rebuild itself, a Message Repository is used to store and retrieve messages for this purpose. Messages can also be stored temporarily in a database to ensure transaction dispatching to an asynchronous consumer. A Transactional Outbox (or Outbox for short) is used to facilitate that.

Message Repositories

Message repositories persist messages containing events for the event-sourced aggregate roots. Configuring this piece of persistence is an essential part of your setup and should be well understood.

EventSauce ships with a couple message repository implementations to get you started quickly:

Each of the repository implementations support two table schemas. Read more about the message storage Table Schema.

The default implementations use UUIDs for identifying aggregates and events. You can customize UUID encoding if needed.

Message Outbox

A message outbox enables transactional dispatching of messages, which means the messages are dispatched in the same transaction as the messages (or other types of not-event-sourcerd models) are persisted.

Learn more about the Message Outbox.

Frank de Jonge

EventSauce is a project by Frank de Jonge.